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    Armed robbers strike on Lagos bridge in broad day + Video –

    Armed robbers have been having a field day on one of the most popular bridges in Lagos State, Eko Bridge, robbing in broad day.

    The video of one of the recent victims of the armed robbers, a lady, was posted on the social media on Thursday.

    According to available information, the armed robbers strike when policemen are not present on the bridge.

    The Commissioner, Lagos State Police Command, Hakeem Odumosu, had listed prevention of traffic robbery as ranking high on his agenda.

    Odumosu had backed this up with a directive to his Senior Police Officers, including Area Commanders and Divisional Police Officers.

    The latest video of armed robbery on Eko Bridge was shot during a heavy downpour when policemen were not there.

    According to the man who shot the video, the armed robbers broke the mirror and side glass of the car of the affected lady in order to have access to her properties.

    She looked scared and downcast in the video.


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