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    Makwa Reveals Why The Artists Under His Label Don’t Have Contracts

    Makwa Reveals Why The Artists Under His Label Don’t Have Contracts. Makwa has produced for some of SA Hip Hop’s chart topping rappers and has only delivered heat to fans of SA Hip Hop. The rapper and producer has recently created his own record label where he can produce top hits and give more artists the opportunity to have a place in the industry.

    Makwa Speaks Out On How His Love For Music Died

    The Ayipheli hitmaker recently took to twitter to share why the artists under his Mzonkonko Records label don’t have contracts. In the tweet Makwa mentions that none of the artist signed a contract and it’s because he’s helping them and doesn’t want anything in return.

    All the artists at Mzonkonko Records didn’t sign a contract. I’m helping them and I want nothing from them in return“, He writes.

    Makwa’s fans applauded him in the comments for his humanity. Makwa has always been quite open with his personal life, previously sharing that he was blacklisted and he had never been before.

    Recently SA Hip Hop producers came together to support Makwa after he spoke out about how his love for music died. He mentioned that he asked the person who signed him 4 years ago to take him to sound engineering school to further his education in the field because his mother didn’t want him studying music.

    He also mentioned that he can’t be free because people want him to be what they want him to be. He ended the post by saying he has been living his whole life to please people. After Makwa’s post pH Raw X came out and said that Makwa should not be feeling the way he does and SA Hip Hop should protect the producer because most of their hits are completely made by the producer themselves.

    He further said that the industry should protect Makwa and it’s Hip Hop producers.


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