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    Sunday Igboho Breaks Silence On June 12 Protest, Sends Strong Warning To President Buhari [See It Here]

    Sunday Igboho has made a statement ahead of the jun 12 democracy day. He made this statement yesterday evening on a facebook media platform known as KoiKoi Media.

    According to the statement made by the agitator, Sunday Igboho was heard saying that there will be a protest on June 12. Sunday Igboho made it clear that those who want the presence of Yoruba Nation would organise a peaceful protest on June 12.

    Report also confirmed that the the Nigerian Police has also issued an order to prevent a repeat of the EndSars protest. The police manitained that there is the need for peaceful rally on June 12 and there will be no room for violent activities in the country. However, the police commissioner who spoke to newsmen said that anyone who attempt to cause violent in the state on June 12 will be arrested.

    Also, Sunday Igboho and his men have been doing their best to make their voice heard. There has been a lot of peaceful rally in the country and this is due to the need to achieve a Yoruba Nation. Never the less, some Nigerians have loved to protest on June 12 which is the same as democracy day.

    Premium news confirmed that the statement was made on the online media channel of Sunday Igboho, known as KoiKoi Media. Also, during the interview the spokesman of Sunday Igboho made it clear to the south west Governors that there is the need for their cooperation on June 12. The spokesman made it clear that the support support of the southwest governors are very important.

    Lastly, Sunday Igboho Spokesman urge the president of Nigeria and his aide not to atta k the people. He said that the lives of the people are very important and they must be protected at all cost. He also urge the Nigerian Police to respect the fundermental rights of the people.


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